Bayside Community Church

Tampa, FL

A Word about Finances and Missions

Bayside Community Church has no debt and has no employees. This means that all of the gifts to Bayside are used to meet the Church’s modest operating expenses, to support the personal ministries of our speakers through honorariums, and to support missionary activities from schools, colleges and seminaries to domestic and foreign evangelistic ministries.

Christian Education

Bayside also supports a number of seminaries, Christian colleges, Bible schools, and Christian High schools. These have included Dallas Theological Seminary, Southern Evangelical Seminary, Moody Bible Institute, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Emmaus Bible College, Clearwater Christian College, Cambridge Christian School, Union University (Stephen Olford Study Program), and Tyndale Theological Seminary. Bayside also supports The Ryrie Foundation, providing scholarships for seminary students.

Among Others, We Support

Answers in Genesis:
An apologetics ministry, dedicated to enabling Christians to defend their faith and to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ effectively, particularly on providing answers to questions surrounding the book of Genesis. They also desire to train others to develop a biblical worldview, and seek to expose the bankruptcy of evolutionary ideas, and its bedfellow, a “millions of years old” earth (and even older universe). Answers in Genesis operates the Creation Museum, located 7 miles from the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky airport. Mike Riddle and Ken Ham, founder, have been speakers at Bayside.

Back to the Bible Ministries:
International radio, television and publishing ministry giving practical counsel for applying God's Word to daily Christianity through media. Dr. Woodrow Kroll has spoken often at Bayside.
Caribbean Ministries Association:
The vision of Caribbean Ministries Association is to empower the churches of the Caribbean by providing an interdenominational Bible training ministry, and establishing and equipping God’s people in God’s Word. Bayside designates its support to Carl and Kathy Most serving in Nicaragua.
Contact: Carl and Kathy Most:
Child Evangelism Fellowship:
A Bible-centered, worldwide organization composed of born-again believers whose purpose is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, disciple them in the Word of God and establish them in a Bible believing church for Christian living. They do this through Good News Clubs, 5 Day Clubs, evangelism at fairs (which Bayside has supported here in Hillsborough County), camps, training materials, missions trips, teacher training, etc.
Bayside has also supported Sam and Sadie Doherty in Ireland, Paul and Sandy Rog in Gambia, and the CEF ministry in Haiti.
C.S. Lewis Society:
The mission of the C.S. Lewis Society is to empower believers and engage skeptics with Biblical truth and evidences for faith. The C.S. Lewis Society began on the campus of Princeton University in 1975, as a forum for students to intelligently grapple with life’s toughest questions. The Society later transferred to the campus of Trinity College of Florida and is now expanding its ministry to campuses in Latin America, Europe, and Asia. It is coordinating the translation and distribution of Unlocking the Mystery of Life into 50 strategic languages.
Dallas Theological Seminary:
The mission of Dallas Theological Seminary as a professional, graduate-level school is to glorify God by equipping godly servant-leaders for the proclamation of His Word and the building up of the body of Christ worldwide. From its founding in 1924 by Dr. Lewis Sperry Chafer with 13 students DTS has stood unequivocally committed to God’s inerrant Scriptures. Speakers at Bayside have included Dr. Stephen Bramer, Chaplain William Bryan, Dr. Ron Blue, Dr. Ronald Allen, and Dr. Mark Bailey, President of DTS.
Emmaus Bible College:
A private, four-year, accredited, evangelical Bible College located on the Mississippi River in Dubuque, Iowa; Dr. Daniel Smith, and Kenneth Fleming, Faculty Emeritus, have spoken at Bayside.
Friends of Israel Gospel Ministry:
The Friends of Israel Ministry is a worldwide Christian ministry communicating biblical truth about Israel and the Messiah, while fostering solidarity with the Jewish people. In 1938 God raised up this ministry to help Jewish people escape the horrors of the Nazi Holocaust. Today we continue to stand against every form of anti-Semitism and support the right of the Jewish people to live in their ancient homeland, Israel. Dr. Renald Showers, Rev. William Sutter, Rev. Clarence Johnson, as well as other members, have been Bayside speakers.
Grace Evangelical Society:
The aim of GES is to promote the clear proclamation of God's free salvation through faith alone in Christ alone, which is properly correlated with and yet distinguished from issues related to discipleship. This ministry was founded by Bayside speaker, Robert Wilkin and focuses on the saving grace of Jesus Christ and eternal security of believers who have accepted Jesus as their personal Savior.
Great Commission Ministries:
Hope Children's Home was founded in 1968 to care for, nurture and educate children between the ages of 2 and 18 who have been discarded, abused, abandoned or orphaned. While described as a residential care facility, Hope Children's Home is much more; it is home. It is home to children by providing them the opportunity to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, a place to live, clothing to wear, food to eat, an education, social skills and work ethic and stepping in for absent parents and extended family. Bayside supports this school, which has dormitories and a campus in North Tampa, with financial support and also offers scholarships to graduates.
Institute for Creation Research:
Christian scientific organization founded by Dr. Henry Morris, Jr. ICR scientists engage in research, sponsor educational programs and trips to locations including the Grand Canyon, Mount St. Helen’s and Yellowstone National Park. Biblical, accurate, certain evidence of creation and God and truth from nature, science and scripture.
Life Action Ministries:
This is the ministry through which Bayside supports the Russian ministry of former Tampa residents Tom and Ros Sullivan.
Contact: Tom and Ros Sullivan:
Lifeline Village:
Lifeline Village is a Christian home for young women in the midst of an unplanned pregnancy. Founded in 1984 by Lifeline Children's Services, Lifeline Village provides a home, meals, medical care (including prenatal care), and childbirth classes in a safe, secure atmosphere. Lifeline provides help and hope for pregnant women of all ages through its two homes, one for adults and another for minors. Lifeline Village also offers an on-site school with a full-time teacher so that residents can continue their schooling until they are ready to enter back into the "normal" school environment
Meekness and Truth Ministries:
This ministry was founded by Dr. David Geisler, son of frequent Bayside speaker, Norman Geisler. It provides free pre-evangelism resources and training to better equip Christians for the challenges of reaching a skeptical post-Christian world and seeks to foster greater maturity in their faith and a greater readiness and ability to reach those affected by the values and beliefs of this current generation.
Messenger Films:
Founded by Tampa native Cris Krusen, Messenger Films is dedicated to missionary outreach through one area of the mass media – dramatic motion pictures. Thousands have come to Christ through his Spanish and English language films.
Contact: Cristóbal Krusen:
Moody Bible Institute:
Moody Bible Institute teaches students how to understand, apply, and communicate the truth of God's Word in today's world. The goal for students at Moody is both a solid knowledge and a profound understanding of God's Word.
The Navigators:
The Navigators® is an international, interdenominational Christian ministry established in 1933. Navigators are people who love Jesus Christ and desire to help others know and grow in Him as they "navigate" through life. Today, the Navigator staff family – 4,600 strong – includes 70 nationalities, 130 languages, and numerous heritages and life experiences. The Navigator family also includes those who work alongside and support our staff, whose hearts beat with the passion of our motto, “To Know Christ and to Make Him Known®” Bayside designates its support to Jason Barbieri, (son of Lou Barbieri, frequent Bayside speaker) who currently has a college campus ministry in Utah.
O.C. International:
OC International is an interdenominational faith mission in structure, interchurch in ministry, and international in vision. It believes that whole nations can be reached for Christ. With more than 500 missionaries, OC is involved in evangelism, discipleship, leadership training, church growth, missions, and support services.
Contact: Ron and Mikel Ann Pritz:
Probe Ministries:
Probe's vision is to free Christians who are culturally captive (Colossians 2:8) and to prepare them to be confident ambassadors for Christ (2 Corinthians 5:20). Point of View, Probe’s radio program, continues to add new stations as does their daily 3-minute Probe radio program.
RBC Ministries:
While best known for “Our Daily Bread” and its founder, Dr. Martin DeHaan, RBC now includes a publishing house, radio and television programs, free online courses, various blogs, free online devotionals, music production, as well as resources for church and ministry leaders at
carried on with Mart DeHaan as President.
Ryrie Foundation:
This foundation was established by Dr. Charles Ryrie, a frequent Bayside speaker who declines any honorarium and has requested that Bayside rather contribute to this foundation, which has an interest in churches, health care and medical research, seminaries and individuals who are pursuing higher education. Individuals may apply for scholarship awards.
Samaritan’s Purse
International Christian relief and evangelism organization provides spiritual and physical aid to victims of war, poverty, natural disaster, and disease led by Franklin Graham. Bayside has participated in the Shoebox Ministry during the Christmas season of each year for many years. This is one of the principal ministries to which Bayside will contribute when there are disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes or tsunamis.
Sav-A-Life educates both men and women about the alternatives to abortion, post abortion syndrome and sexually transmitted diseases. With this knowledge they are empowered to make informed decisions and bring needed restoration to their lives. Sav-A-Life provides both emotional and spiritual support for men and women with unwanted or unplanned pregnancies. Women who come to us are shown the love of Christ without judgment or condemnation. Every client hears about the love of Christ and how she can have a personal relationship with Him. To date, we have had the privilege of leading over 4,000 people to a relationship with Jesus Christ.
The Seed Company:
The Seed Company was launched by Wycliffe Bible Translators in 1993 with a mandate to accelerate Bible translation. It started with pilot projects in 10 different languages linked to prayer partners and investors. Four years later, the model was working in 50 people groups and growing. By 2002 The Seed Company reached its 200th language group, with all projects being led by national translators. By 2007 the number of cumulative languages engaged grew to 400, and in early 2010 entered its 600th language partnership. Today, The Seed Company is working with several hundred local translators who are leading the translation process in more than 350 language translation projects.
Sermon on the Mount and Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions:
SOTM serves as a bridge builder representing the body of Christ as a motivational illustrator of the gospel to the lost, and to promote unity within the body on the core values of the Christian faith to strengthen their understanding and resolve to make disciples. They have done this through offering seminars, workshops, books, DVD’s using Lew Sterrett’s (founder) experiences and lessons learned through owning and training horses. Bayside members Ruth Young, Nancy Smitz and Chelsea McNabb have been involved with this evangelistic ministry now based in Oklahoma. Lew Sterrett has held programs at the Florida State Fair resulting in many professions of faith in Christ. Miracle Mountain Ranch Missions (MMRM) is a related Christ centered ministry where evangelism and discipleship are modeled through structured teaching, training, and life experiences by qualified staff surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.
Tampa Bay National Day of Prayer Brunch:
Sponsored by the Tampa Bay National Day of Prayer Council, Inc. Held in Tampa on the first Thursday in May each year as part of the National Day of Prayer, bringing together people of all denominations to unite in prayer for the healing our nation. Bayside has been a regular sponsor of this annual event, and many of the Bayside women have served as chairs or on the board of directors or advisers.
Veritas Evangelical Seminary:
Co-founded by frequent Bayside speaker Dr. Norman Geisler. Veritas has three core elements: the inspired and inerrant Bible from which it spreads the gospel to the world, the immutable and timelessly eternal nature of God and His Son Jesus Christ from whom salvation comes, and the defense of the historic Christian faith, summarized in its motto: ‘Proclaim, equip, and defend.’ Since many seminaries were leaving the classical doctrines of the Christian faith and turning to more progressive ideologies: emergent postmodernism, open theism, liberalism, contemplative prayer and spirituality and the like, Veritas wanted to provide a solid education that was informed, inspired, and rooted in the classical doctrines as expressed in the inerrant Word of God.
The Wales Goebel Ministry:
An interdenominational organization dedicated to evangelistic outreach to both mass and personal evangelization. The Wales Goebel Ministry has various staff personnel involved on a full-time basis reaching all segments of the population including home-based and business place Bible classes, college campus ministry, counseling, homes for unwed mothers, assistance with adoptions, ministry to juvenile offenders as well as numerous Bible conferences, etc. Wales Goebel, frequent Bayside Speaker, has founded a number of ministries including Save-A-Life and Lifeline Village Christian home.
Word of Life Ministries:
Worldwide ministry founded by Jack Wyrtzen and Harry Bollback, with camp facilities and a vibrant conference ministry in Florida and New York and around the world. Word of Life is a ministry committed to reaching youth with the Gospel. It believes that evangelism and discipleship are Biblical priorities and mandates. Word of Life offers a variety of ministries to the local church and individuals in evangelism and spiritual growth. These include Bible Clubs for youth, camping for youth and adults, a Bible Institute, Gospel productions and Word of Life Overseas with 695 missionaries in 46 countries. Bayside monthly contributes to the support of Heather Bryner, who will work in Word of Life’s Argentina ministry.